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Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company

Hwy 34
Rudolph, WI 54475
Phone: 715.435.3144
Category: Maker


(5 of 5) by Barb

Best cheese curds and fudge ever!! My sons in-laws were totally amazed at the delicious cheese curds and fudge. I would love to order from a catalog or website.

(1 of 5) by Anonymous

This is not about your cheese - it's great. However, I hear that your management decided to hassle the people who wanted to circulate petitions to Recall Walker. Since that happened, my extended families and I (5 families) have decided to find a new cheeese company. We usually spent about $450 a year at your company but NOT ANY MORE. Sorry that you cannot control your anger in tense situations- maybe a little anger management class would help? Learn how to live with other people!

(5 of 5) by g-law

THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO BE CIRCULATING PETITIONS TO RECALL ANYONE...LEAVE YOUR POLITICS & RELIGION AT HOME. Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company.... great place and great cheese!! Thank You...

(5 of 5) by WI in Texas

While I am not in Wisconsin any longer, my wife and I are both from Wisconsin and have shopped at the Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Co. And alway will when in the area. As for the recall petition issue, which we have heard of and know a little about, I have to put in my two cents. That Cheese Co is private property and as such the owners have every right to forbid access to the petitioners including going off the handle, which may or may not have been the right directions. But it is their property, so as long as there was no violence, the petitioners, who I heard were not innocent in this event, needed to leave. As such any one that was unhappy with this incident they have every right to no longer shop there, it is after all The United States of America and we have the freedom to shop where every we want. I'm confident someone will take their place. If they have a web site or ship we will spend the $450 or more per year there. And we have more than five families that shop there and have done so for decades, and will continue to. Thank you and if you do have a site or order for to ship cheese please let me know at mlowe0818(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you! and we miss your cheese curds!!!!! Matt

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